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Life in captivity is sometime uneventful. Everyday's the same. Yet, Sanna seems to always find a way to escape, to live extraordinary adventures. For the Biodome's guests, Sanna might seems to simply sleep, but there's more than meet the eye. Amazed by even the simplest thing, Sanna leave her imagination takes her to places where dreams come true. Why pass each and every day at the same place when adventures are only a step away? When it is possible to go where lynx never set paw? But she will need to be careful not to wake up from her world if she wants to make it until the end...

Install instructions

Open and extract the files, then double click on the .exe file to open the game.

Choose 1920x1080 for the screen resolution.

Have fun! :)


LynxsFantasy.zip 137 MB

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